Our Thanks for all your contributions….

On October 27, 2013 at our church 150th anniversary, the mission trip to Bangladesh and India was launched.

Following the announcement, many projects were launched and carried out right until the day that the team left for Bangladesh and India, a total of $9,899.48 were collected.

The first project initiated was the sales of orchids and through the generosity of Peter and Sharon Yeo, a total of $1,280 were raised.  Thanks to Elizabeth, Amanda, Kylie, Donna and LeeLee for the time spent picking and selling. These sales occurred in November 2013 and October 2014.  The Global Mission Team and the trip participants would like to thank Peter and Sharon Yeo for their generous contribution of orchids from their nurseries.

Another project that help us raised funds was due to natural disaster.  One of the oak tree in the church compound fell during a heavy storm and the idea of using that for firewood was thought of.  This raised us a total of $1,531.  Thanks would have to be recorded to Chris and Mike for the idea and the following volunteers like Bradley, Estella, Melanie, Anthony, Tony, Alan, Pricilla, Wendy, Peter, Chris and Mike for their work in cutting the wood into firewood size.  Of course, we have to record a special thanks to Maurice Roos for travelling all the way with his wood splitter to help with the project.

When the restoration work started on 98 and 100 Chester St, there was an opportunity to use the bricks from the two buildings which were dated back to 1890s, and this raised a total of $1,690.  We would like to thank the following volunteers like Bradley & Priscilla Nicholson, Peter Robinson, Anthony Paterson, Andrew Meek, Patricia and Reg, Barbara, Estella, Julie, Joesph, Caitlan, Amanda, Alan, Chris and Mike for taking their time off their Saturday mornings to clean the bricks for sale.  We also like to thank Elizabeth and Wendy for providing refreshments at the morning tea breaks.

We also had contribution from Andrew and Nicola Rowanoski, that in their celebration of Andrew’s 50th birthday, they offered Julie the job of catering, so Julie along with Elizabeth and a few others arranged the food, and the income became a fundraiser for the Bangladesh and India Trip fundraising account.

During the year, we also had contribution of free range eggs for sales donated by Maurice and Osri Roos and this raised a total of $184.70.  Our thanks to the Roos for their contributions.

The GMT and trip participants would also like to thank Mike organising and co-ordinate the Dinner for 6 projects that raised $1,030.  Thank you to those who hosted meals: Estella, Mike, Julie and Chris, Keith and Elizabeth, and for those who went along.

Our thanks also goes to Mike Crudge, who organised the Comedy and Cake night with Peter Majendie that raised $725.71  Thank you Pete for giving us your performing arts skills!  Thanks also to Julie who arranged supper for the night, and her helpers: Elizabeth, Estella, Pricilla and others.

Our highlight for the fundraising must have been the Quiz Night, which Julie Chamberlain had helped to put together that topped our funds by $2,131.99.  Our heartfelt thanks to Julie for bringing this to fruition with the help of the following people like Chris Walker who was the magnificnat Quiz Master from Ilam Baptist.  Our thanks also goes to the many people who have provided prizes for the Quiz Night.

Beside the various projects and events that we have had during the year, there were also many others who have contributed by having other smaller activities such as the jam sale that contributed $21 to the fund raising and the Morning tea Philippa Gordon put on that added $95.40 to our trip funds.

There have also been others, who have not been involved in the various fund raising projects but have chosen to contribute their giving directly to the Bangladesh / India funds via donations and this accounted for $855.30.

We know that in acknowledging the many contributions by the various individuals, we may have missed some people in our acknowledgement and we offer our sincere apologies.

However, above all, we would like to thank our God and Sovereign King, who provided us this opportunity to work together as a church on this fundraising project.  The God that calls our beloved sister, from years ago, Hopestill Pillow to the shores of India to serve in that community, which we now have the privilege to understand a little more about God’s work among these people.

Summary of funds raised

A R’s birthday               $   370.76

Brick Sale                      $1,690.00

Comedy & Cake           $   725.71

Dinner for 6                  $1,030.00

Donations                     $   855.80

Eggs sale                       $   184.70

Firewood sale               $1,531.00

Jam Sale                        $     21.00

Morning Tea                 $     95.40

Orchid Sale                   $1,280.00

Quiz Night                    $2,115.11

Total Amount            $9.899.48

Following the finalisation of the trip accounts, an amount of $1470.48 would be given to two projects equally in India and Bangladesh.

The projects are:-

1.  Purchase of looms in India – $735.24

2. Support of village pastors’ training in Bangladesh – $735.24


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