Arrived Berhampore

Taxi ride to Kolkata train station

After a taxi ride from BMS Guesthouse to Kolkata train staking and then after a 5.5hr train trip… we arrived at Berhampore.

The train ride at first a little bit cramped but was it was nothing compared to the “General compartment” according to a gentleman ( Ambarish Ghosh) who I was sitting next too during  the train trip. And it wasn’t until I saw the return train from Behampore to Kolkata, I can see he was right! Jammed packed! There’s less sardines in can!

Ambarish was on his way to meet up with his friends who just had a baby. Throughout the train ride we talked about tennis, cricket, study, a new job he is starting in February and how he is enjoying bachelor life until he turns 26. (Thankfully he spared the details)
He was trained and schooled from St Patrick’s a Scottish funded school for West Bengal.

And now, we are resting before visiting freeset fabrics this afternoon.


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