OTBC hall of fame

Hopestill Pillow
Born 1857,  died Calcutta 28 May 1895.

N.Z.B.M.S. Missionary, India, 1889-1895. Member of Oxford Terrace Baptist Church.

Miss POTBC100 1887 Hopestill Pillowillow joined Rosalie Macgeorge at Narayangunge in 1889 before proceeding to Furreedpore to learn Bengali. In 1891 she commenced work in Brahmanbaria, starting schools for children and undertaking Zenana Gospel missions and river journeys to outlying villages. She also supervised indigenous workers, demonstrating a natural business acumen in her administration of the affairs of the mission. Tragically, her tireless enthusiasm for the work along with her desire to delay taking furlough for a year (granted reluctantly by the Society) led to a rapid deterioration in health. She was taken to Calcutta by Annie Bacon in May of 1895 and there she died.
[Ref.: Obituary: NZB August 1895, 113.]


Brian Smith
Born 1934-

Brian-SmithAfter studying electrical engineering, Smith trained at the N.Z. Baptist Theological College, 1956-1958, prior to serving with N.Z.B.M.S. in Tripura, India, 1959-1976. He then became a lecturer in the N.Z. Baptist Theological College, 1976-1984, serving as its Principal 1984-1997. In India, Smith was the Principal of the Tripura Theological School for ten years (1962-1971), and involved in the translation of the New Testament into Kok Borok for a further four (1972-1976). He was responsible for shifting the Baptist Theological College to Penrose (Auckland) when it outgrew its premises at Remuera, and for introducing to the curriculum an emphasis on mission. This included the name change to ‘Carey’. Smith’s ministry and leadership was marked by deep spirituality, incisive thinking and outstanding communication skills.
[Ref.: NZB December 1997.]

Who else across Oxford Terrace’s 150 years has been sent overseas?


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