Terrafirma Kiwistyle

Wendy and I, along with Anthony and Rachel, have arrived back in kiwiland.

The flight went well with no hickups going through immigration & customs. Though sleep was a challenge.

First impressions of kiwiland.

No seething crowds of people pishing and shoving to get anywhere.

The roads are orderly and well mannered.

No vehicles blaring horns trying to force there way through traffic.

Atruck stoppong at the pedestrian cross and waiting for us to cross.

Being able to read the signs without any difficulty.

Kiora mata.

Wendy demanding me to communicate out loud!!!

Fresh, salt sea air on the breeze

No smog or haze to the horizon.

In case you may think that we did not like Bungladesh or India, it is not true. We throughly enjoyed ourselves, and enjoyed the great diffences. It has been an exhilarating experience.

Now we have a small flight to Christchurch – only 1 1/2 hours – then Melanie, the children, the dogs, and our own bed tonight.

I also feel a lightness in my spirit…

Then back to work on Monday, such joys and delights!!!!?

Thank you one and all for praying for us.


Peter & Wendy


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