Another story from calcata

What do your kids look at on the church walls?

I grew up at Oxford Terrace what did I look at. No pictures of Jesus, no stories on stained glass windows, no childrens SS work, noBible verses.

Instead there was a huge board with those who died in WW1 and 2 and amoung the smaller ones a plaque to a missionary sent from our church 1890, about. Hopestill Pillow went out to India, then one country to the area of Bramanbaria in  the present Bangladesh. She went alone on a long boat trip not expecting to come back for 5 years, She worked with another single woman from Dunedin doing work with women and children in the villages.

She never made it home only to Kolkata where she died in hospital.

We stood by her grave. Would we be willing tto go, no medicine, no rapid escape plan.

A seed falls into the ground and dies but then brings forth much fruit.

What will the fruit be?



1 thought on “Another story from calcata

  1. Hi Wendy, Jenny here! I just noticed you in the photo in the article in the new Baptist magazine and came to look at the blog 🙂 Our Ana (and husband and 3 chn live in Sambalpur, Orissa and come and go thru Kolkata. Have a browse –
    Also Ana has a fashion lable to sell garments made by the rural women she teaches to sew – checkout Holi Boli on Facebook and via ‘google’!
    I tired to find you on Facebook recently as I don’t have an e mail address – please e mail. We’ve been married for 43 years next week! Remember ‘the old days’ – how good is God?! Love from Jenny


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