This is a special travel blog set up so all of the nine people on the trip can write and upload photos as we go along.

Click here to see our itinerary so you can keep track of where we are.

This team trip to South Asia will seek to address 3 main objectives:

  1. See and understand the current ministries and work through a number of NZ Baptist personnel (and others). The majority of people we will visit are sent from Baptist churches in NZ we will have the opportunity to meet with them all in some capacity. We’ll be able to ask questions of them about their call and service… and see what life in South Asia is like. We will also talk with the leaders of local churches.  We hope to get a glimpse of understanding what God is doing through all these people.
  2. Opportunity to serve and support the NZ workers and local staff. This is likely to be practical service in whatever form is needed at the time.
  3. Something of a ‘pilgrimage’ as we track through locations of Hopestill Pillow – the second missionary to serve with NZBMS and sent from OTBC between 1889-1895, who died over there.

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