Day 7 in India

This morning, we visited the Love Calcutta Arts (LCA), a business unit that produces stationery such as journal book, memo pads, greeting cards and even baby blankets.

In the afternoon, we visited one of the new business unit that produces leather bags, wallets and belts.  This is a fairly new business that have got 4 women doing 3 months part time training, 3 months full time training and are now doing full time work at The Loyal Workshop.

With today’s last two businesses visits, we came to the end of the Bangladesh / India trip where we have spent the last two weeks learning more about God and his work among some of His people, who have been exploited and abused.

As we conclude this journey during this advent season, we need to reflect on what God has been showing us for the past couple of weeks.  I am also reminded of the sermon by the Rev Gus Walker of Carey Baptist Church on Sunday, where he reminded us about our responds to the Christ child at Christmas.


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