Walking the streets of Kolata

Hi friends

Some sìghts we have seen

At the water pumps people washing themselves and their washing

Washing hanging to dry

Men getting a hair xcut or shave

People sleeping wrappeď in a blanket

selling from a street sidè shop or a table on the fooþpath

Shoe cleaners and menders

Families of chiildren sitting cllose on a mat

A row òf motor engines

Fruit stalls

Men chatting

Old womeen begging

Crippled people begging

Making up food in huge wocks

Homes for some huddleď on a mat


People sweeping

Men standing as guards àt doorways or at gated drivewàys

Anď its always noisy horñs go all the time

For many thier life is spent on the foot path

Another comment, our laundry men said he has a family 700km away he will see àfter working for à year.

Off today to see other bunisses where the outcasts can find work, a decent wage, and bè treated well

We take so much for granteď

Peter has been sick but is much better, i am fine



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