There was a soldier..

Some of you may remember this Socttish song from many years ago.

As I was salking down the long foodpath to fins Hopestill’s grave this song came to my mind.

there was a soldier, a Scottish soldier, who wandered far away, and soldiered far away…. but those hillsides are not the hills of home.

sopestill was soldier of reknown in this land.

I was walking through the grave yard I was aware beginning to weep. It was a powerful emotion. Here in the middle of Kolkoto was this quiet place. The noise of the traffic seemed far away. Just the ever present black crows giving out their raucus cries.

Here in this place there a plot of land that will forever be the home of a  courageouss, and intrepid, kiwi lass.

It is a quiet place filled with graves from two centuries ago up until this century. It is a Chrsitian cemetary. You will nò doubt see photos. Some of it is over grown, and the graves are not looked after. We had a kiwi guide with us took to a far  corner of the graveyard, where, nesstled under a  large green tree was Hopestill’s grave. Hidden in the far lefthand courner of the graveyard. Much the worse for ware. But our kiwi guide has arranged for a local to do some maintenance of it. It gladened my heart to hear that.

Mike read from Hebrews 11, and added Hopestills name to the list of saints who looked for a city whose maker and sustainer was God.

Then our kiwi friend told us about her life at OTBC and the work she did here in West Begal. The places we had been to last week, and we witnessed the ongoin work thaf she, and others,  carved out in this land.

I have been deeply touched by this time, and we have video of the time. Some from Simon, and some from myself.

We then took a little time to pray, not for Hopestill, as such, but rather the  next generation who will follow and continue the amazing work that is happening here.

The words from Matt 25 about thd tallents and the feeding, clothing, etc., came to my mind. After the others left I spoke them out, “Well done thou good a d faith servant… enter into the joy of thd Lord”,

It’a hard to imagine we will on a plane leaving here very late tomorrow night. I feel like I could stay here and do “Prayer Walks” and never come to an end.

The needs here seem so great, and the labourers so few – Matt 9:39 on, pray for the Lord of the harvest to send more labourers…

Off course Jesus in John 17 says we are friends now, not servants or slaves…. This changes our approach. We are “fellow-labourers together with God” in the harvesr (some where in Corinthians).

I’ve had a case of the trotts today, but I’m ok, everyone has gone out to tea, whike I’m here doing my blogg.

As I was leaving the graveyard I spied a squirrel on one of the graves. What does that mean???

It will be good to get home and see so many of you. The challenge is then, “What does one say??”.

If we seem to have a farawy look in our eyes it is not to do with you, rather, I suspect we will be thinking of how to convey the spirit of these two lands with words.

Be patient with us, the ‘virus of missions’ is not one you and heal with a pill or potion. Rather only by doing it.

Some years ago I said to the Lord that I do not need to overseas ever again, I had been there, done that, but somehow the “virus” will not go away…. What does one do about Fiji? Let alone Bungladesh and nòw India.

We will see.

The Lord of Glory bless you and keep you…Numbers 6…


Peter &Wendy, or is it, Wendy & Peter


2 thoughts on “There was a soldier..

  1. That’s odd, that song has been in my head and heart for weeks now, to the point of singing it several times a day, all the way through….. fair as these green foreign hills may be, they are not the hills…… of home. Now ….strangely enough I also want to weep.


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