Day 6 in India

The day started with breakfast but we nearly lost Bradley this morning.  It seemed he was in the toilet when we came out of the room and forgot to check if there was anyone left.  In the end, we managed to let him out.

We took 3 taxis to Carey Baptist church but we learned later that Rachel had quite an adventure on the way to church.

We attended service at Carey Baptist church and the pastor preached on the Christmas Story but entitled it as ‘Just 10 Kimometers’.  After service, we had a cup of tea and mingle with the people in the church.  We had a chat with the pastor and learn a little about what the church are doing in the community,


We returned back to BMS guesthouse for a rest before we head out to the cemetery, which was a short walk from the guesthouse.  Along the way, we had some history lesson from Peter, one of the kiwi who had stayed in the area for a while.


IMG_6565Click the picture to view a video of Hopestill Pillow’s Eulogy.


Click the picture to view a video of Peter’s reading from The Baptist

IMAG0444  Click the picture to view a video of Mike’s reading of Hebrews

We returned back to the guesthouse for lunch and a little rest before we headed out to Mother Teresa’s House as they are only opened from 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm in the afternoon.

IMAG0461  IMAG0465


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