Saturday, only a few more days to go… How can time go so quickly?

This afternoon, after we had arrived back at BMS in KolKota, we went off to Newmarket in several motorised rickshaws (Put-Puts). Off we went defying death, destruction and mayhem ( well would you believe scrapes and bangs) as we sped down narrow congested street to find this place called ‘Newmarket’. It covers quite a few blocks of the city and is jam-packed with traders, little shops, money changers, ice cream and food shops, etc, etc. It was not a nice stroll in the park on a Sunday afternoon. Oh no, it was wall to wall people with cars trying to go through the throng.

What would you like to buy – well there were twenty shops of the same sort all selling the same thing (or so it seemed). We changed some US$ and as we came out Wendy, Anthony, Estella and I were accosted by this man wanting to sell us stuff.

Well we went with him. Down this alley, round that corner, deeper into the bowels of a shopping complex. Round that corner, along this passage then….the door to his shop. About 2 — 3 metres wide and 10 meters long with a set of stairs going upward to another floor.

Then he began to overwhelm our senses with this scarf, that scarf, silk, cotton, fine sheeps wool, in a dozen different colours. Reds, blues, greens, purples…

Never ay time to think, just the next offering…

“Do you like this…that…the other…” never anytime to think and consider.


want this, is it the right colour, I have others… it comes from my factory…”

So after about half an hour we made our choices. The price seemed exhoribant in Indian Rupees, but happily not too many in $NZ. Eventually he brought out bed spreads, with pillows & cushion,.. I said this is enough, we could not use them. So he began to give us smaller scarves as a momento of our stay in India.. don’t ask how much, later Rachel said that it was a good price for all we got. So I am happy about that.

Then the jewellery, I got one piece for wendy for later..

Then back down this passage, round that corner… and into the fresh air on the street. Only to be confronted by this seething mass of humanity. No European faces (later on I did see a couple). Then a trek back to where we arrived and caught a motorised rickshaw and went back to the BMS centre.

Did I mention that we most of this just the 4 of us, adrift in a sea of humanity. And we lived to tell the tail, or is it tale?? Oh yes, the guy spoke good English and had two other ‘relatives’ helping him.

I’m glad I did not have to clean up the mess of maybe 40 or 50 different scalves and things..

We went out to tea this evening. The place was call “One Step Up” great service and great noche ( Kai, food)

Ah well, to bed and to sleep, to dream a little, then off tomorrow to the second item on my ‘bucket list’, afterchurch at the Carey Baptist church in the morning.

God bless you one and all,



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