Day 5 in India

Today was another early start, going to the railway station at 6.00am in the morning for a 6.30am train.  As the train stop was midway along the railway network, we had to calculate precisely where the carriage steps would be.  also, the train only stops for a short while, so it was a challenge trying to get on board.

As usual, there were more and more people as the train moved along the rail network.  By the time we arrived at Kolkata, it was about 11.00am and there were swarms of people at the station.


It was so crowded when we got off the train that we nearly lost a team member as he continued to walk on towards the exit when the rest of us were waiting at the platform.  One of the local team members had to run after him to bring him back.   van

We were picked up by the guesthouse van and rested for a while after checking in before we headed out for a meal and some shopping.

We spent the evening together having a quiet meal and reflection.


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