I spent first 3 days in india not eating and sleeping most of the time I didn’t see much of India in those days but it did give me time to think.

Particularly about being sick and what’s the difference between a sick and healthy church. While I was well for first week I was able to learn so much and was open to the world around me. I could help others and others could help me. There was so much going on and I could just be a part of it eyes wide open.

However when I became sick I became dormant eyes shut closed off from the world around me. This did not change the fact that everything was still going on outside my front door. But as I was sick I could take no part I was of no help to others and just needed to be left alone.

I feel like we need to always be careful to remain a healthy church through prayer, following Jesus and the Bible so that our eyes can stay open to the world around us so the we can properly engage with our comunities.

Ramblings of a sick man


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