Hi everyone

They discovered at Freeset that 40% of the women came from the area around Berhampour They were sold into slavery and prostitution because/of the poverty

So Mission people have/movedup here to provide work so girls arenot sold. Already one business has trained 6 girls on looms weaving scarves each different

Today we went to visit several villages with mud brick walls and thached roofs. We saw many goats, cows, and everywhere they were harvesting and thrashing rice. Lice stalks were even laid out on the road to separte out the rice and the stalk.Also silk cocoons, bright yellow

We were there as a followup visit to a local lady who has worked with Freeset for many years. She has been visiting families who are in danger of selling their girls, One mother had children and her husband had left her and married someone else. She had no income.

she is happy to come and work. Not far from the villages we have leased an old picture theater and are prearing it to have looms and produuce fabrics. We watched the new concrete floor with a smooth surface being laid in strips.

There is land bought not faraway to build n but there are permit problems

It was amazing to see a vision become concrete today

How can families sell their girlsi into prostitution. Hopefully no more.

Timeto sleep we leave the hotel at 5 45am



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