Taking the train to Berhampour

I have recharged to keyboard, so I shouldn’t have any spelling hasstles!!!

This morning we were up at 5.15am to leave the BMS at 5.45. This was accomplished without any great difficult, everyone was there, even the 3 guys who were unwell yesterday. They are all ok now.

3 taxis took us on an uneventful short trip – as there was notmuch traffic at that time of the day.

We arrived at Calcutta railway station in plenty of time for the 650am depart. There were lots of little yellow taxis – somewhat like a Morris Oxford of some years ago (for the petrolheads among you). The station had quite a few peoplesleeping on the ground and lots of people coming and going. Even at 6.15am it was 23C+and quite humid.

We were met by our kiwi friends then eventually moved off to find our seats. The train must have been over 150 metres long, with about 100 people seated  on bench seats of three in each carriage, with rows on each side.  No very comfortable on the isle position – which was me – with wendy on the window and Estella inbetween.

There must have been some 12  to 15 carriages that madeup the train with an electric engine.  with the tracks being of wide guage well over 4  feet wide ,the carriages were much wider and bigger then those in kiwiland. The bench seats were comfortable – well sort of – and enough room for my knees not to touch the seat in front. We had our backs to the engine. The decor was very old and lots of fans hanging down, happily they were not operating. But I could have pulled the emergency cord as it right beside our seat, but I resisted the temptation.

Being in the isle seat I didnot see much of the country side, so I read a book on my tablet. I access ebooks from the Chch library service. I think I have read over 150 books in the last year!!. No overdue fees as it will automatically return the book on teh due date if I don’t finish it and return it before hand.

However, I was assailed by all manner of vendors trying to relieve me of my hard earnt money. I resisted “firm in my faith’. There was alsorts of thiings one could buy – sweettea, mixed grains, fruit of various descriptions. I even saw someone selling scalves.

Then at one stoplots more people got on, so the isle filled up and  it was a challenge to  be squashed, prodded, pushed,poked, as wellas being assailed by a myriad different smells and sounds of pipe playing musicians, singing minstrals and the like.

The trip took about four and a half hours, and passed without incident. It is tirering being amongst so many people, different sounds of the vendors crying out their wares and potions, as well as the smells of food and people.

I could imagine myself doingLDiscovery ChannelL documentary about traving from place toplace on Indian trains.

When we got off and as we exited the station there was this heaving mass of humanity fighting their way down the street on their way home. For us we were met and taken to our hotel. Very nice, but that is another story (like soccer on TV)

Blessing on you all, shalom,

Peter & Wendy


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