Day 3 in India

It was an early morning start leaving the hotel at 5.45am to catch a 6.50am train to Berhampore.  Another interesting mode of travel on the train with the locals for 4 hours.  We have all sort of hawkers going through the train carriage.  However,  some of us did had a nice cup of char.

We were supposed to be picked up by the hotel transport.  However, the van was unable to take all of us and luckily Ian was at the station and he took some of us back to the hotel.

We had lunch at the hotel but we had to wait for the food and I guess it was to a certain extent not what we had expected.

In the afternoon, we went to the Freeset Business Incubator (FBI) site and was given the history and what was happening with the plans for the project.  We then took a drive to Freeset Fabrics where we were given the history and plans if what they are doing.

We rounded up the evening with some members of the team over dinner at the hotel.


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