We arrived after a quiet morning of debriefing about Bangladesh. No horror stories about etting there late at the airport as the traffic flowed just fine.

It seems wierd to leave Dhaka after all the things we have seen and done. The tour is almost toooo quick. You jump fromone experience to another with berely a thought, or time to process what you have seen, done, hear, or experienced. I would like to go for a quiet???? Walk down the street with someone who could translate.

So that I could stop and talk to people about who they are, what are they doing as well as a myriad other questions. I feel like I’ve een cut off from my normal way of exploring a new environment. Yes, I do understand the nedd to keep moving, but I would still like to engage with the locals.

The flight to Kolkota took about 30mins. Ithink is the shortest flight – international that is – I have ever taken.

No dramas getting into India, and the traffic was much better behaved. Traffic lights were obeyed by everone, well almost!!!

We went for a short walk this evening. I noticed abot 20 dogs on the footpath. No, not all together in a pack, rather being solitary. They were quite passive and mostly slept on the side of the road. I wonder if it an image of India (spirituall) generally. The other thing I noticed was a few people, mainly men, sleeping on the footpath. There was even two little children fast asleep under what looked like sacks, also sleeping on the footpath. It was about 8.30pm. It was dark and quite noisey.

We are staying at theBaptist Missionary Society (UK lot) not far from the Carey Baptist church which we will go to on Sunday next.then there is Mother Teriasa(?) And Hopestill Pillow buried not too far awayeither.both are on the “to see” list.. once again the ladies are in a room all to themselves while we guys are in two rooms.

It ambiance reminds me of France and the houses we lived in there, as well as the poor sleeping on the street and begging. It is not east to walk past and not be touched. I have yetto come to know how to process all the things I see eachday. The challenges are so big…

Tomorrow is Freeset, then an afternoon to shop (for Wendy) before setting off up north on a train for three nights.

The trip half over. I’m sure we only set off yesterday…

Thank youfor your support and prayers,

The Lord be with one and all,



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