Day 6 in Bangladesh

I know I am a day or two behind but I thought I will maintain the records.

We started the day by taking a rickshaw to the ferry terminal.  It was an experience to travel by rickshaw in Bangladesh traffic.


Our ferry ride was interesting and we learn a little more of the local life and mode of transport. This is what will be our mode of travel for the 4 hours.


Incidentally, this was our skipper for part of the journey and as you will notice in the video clip.  He likes to blow the horn when he managed to find it.


When we arrived at Dhaka from Chandpur via ferry, we visited the Golgotha English Medium School (GEMS).  We were taken on a tour of the school by members of the student council, who had a very good  knowledge of the school and activities.

We spend a quiet evening relaxing after a hectic 6 days of taking in as much as possible the work and things that God is doing in Bangladesh.


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