Wendy in Bramanbarria

Hi ive probably made my first spelling mistake but that will mean you know its me.

No internet lately so I need to catch up

Back to bramanbarria – no missionaries here now where once you lived Janet. We slept in your guest room!! But stikk so much is happening

A hospital for maternity and children with real doctors especially important a lady Dr, I held a 2 day old twin baby 2kg.

A nurses hastel. Nurses all wear white saris

The school nearly 2000 children ,2shifts and up to 60 in a class. Teaching inBunglaThe lady teachers all wear beautiful saris A small field of green to play.

A boys hostel so students can come from outlying areas and get good education. We were guests at the new dining room opening. The girly from a girls hostel some distance away came and sany and danced

I met Rons student he sponsers An emotional momentor me.Great to see so much happening!!



2 thoughts on “Wendy in Bramanbarria

  1. Hi Wendy Quick hello just to say I’m enjoying reading the emails and think of you and the group often. What a wealth of memories you are making. MollySusan


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