Day 5 in Bangladesh

Today, we started thebday by talking a shirt walk to the Chandpur Baptist Church for service.


Here, Mike delivered his message to the congregation, interpreted by our host, Ross.

We took a short walk to the Chandpur Collectorate School for a tour of the school and also got a briefing on the history of how it was established.

The school was established on the premises of an old city jail.  Here, we can see the entrance to the old city jail.


After lunch, we were given a briefing about the Total Community Development projects and what it was all about.  Following the presentation, we took either the Clmpressed Naural Gas (CNG) vehicle or those that were a little brave, took the motorbike’s ride to the village.
When we arrived at the village, we had to walk across the plank bridge to reach where we were to see the various activities.
We visited various different types of activities in the village.  some of the activities included micro loan groups,where women would gather each week to discuss various things but at the same time, they would bring in their contribution of savings for the week.  They would also agree on approval of loan to a member of the group if they received a request for it.
Other initiatives or projects includes recycling of waste.
Building of toilets with GPS tracking facilities ia another project.
One of the important projects that TCDC tried to encourage the villagers to adopt is the Improved Cooking System (ICS).  The ICS helps them to improve on the ventilation of their cooking system and save life.  The first picture shows their traditional cooking system and the second showed the ICS in use.
Another project is the deep tube well.
We had a fairly quiet evening after returning from the village.

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