Day 4 in Bangladesh

The started with a breakfast in the mission school, prepared by the teachers.  We were treated to a special desert that was prepared by a gentleman just in the corridor of the school.

IMAG0126 (2)IMAG0125 (2)

Following the hearty breakfast, we went across the compound to where the John Hackle Memorial Boys Hostel was located and just mingle with the boys before the inauguration of the new building extension by our NZBMS General Director, Rachel Murray, who is also our trip team leader.


We also understand that there was a group of girls from one of the other hostels brought to perform for the service.  It seemed one of the girls in the group has been sponsored by our own uncle Ron for a number of years and here we see Wendy presenting a special gift from uncle Ron.


We were also hosted to a variety of performances by the students of the hostels and a sumptuous meal.

Immediately, following the meal, we took a 4 hours driver to Chandpur with one refreshment and comfort stop along the way.

When we arrived at Chandpur, we took a short rest and we were off again to the Chandur Boys’ Hostel where we met a team from The House of Joy Church, Beijing.  We participated in a meal together with the boys at the hostel.


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