Day 3 in Bangladesh

We started the day with a 3 hours r so train ride from Dhaka to Brahmanbaria.  The ride was an interesting one with all sorts of happenings along the journey.

We arrived at Brahmanbaria and were greeted by some members of the church and we took a walk through streets and throngs of people.  We were shown to our accommodation at the guesthouse where all the guys were to be staying at the top floor and all the ladies will be staying on the ground floor.

After some rest and refreshments, we were shown around the compound and given a little bit of the history about the place.

In the afternoon, we were shown the Christian Medical Centre where they help mothers and children up ti the age of 12.  This is is also a maternity clinic and as you can see that Priscilla is admiring and cuddling a 2 days old baby.

IMAG0110 (2)

We were also told that the medical clinic was started with very basic equipment such as the one picture here for their pathology laboratory.


So, this is the medical centre that is becoming a very important part of the community.


In the evening, we were invited to a dinner with members of the Brahmanbaria Baptist Church and we had a great meal before we were gathered to take a group pictures together.


After dinner, we join the church in an advent service.

We were greeted with special Christmas carols in their own Bangla tradition and in return we sang a couple of songs.



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