Back ib Dhaka

It is Monday evening 9.50pm, and we are back in Dhaka, settling in to the same place we were in before – but in a diferent room. It certainly pays to be cemented in flexibility as when we arrived here we found our main lugage had not been delivered. It is here safe in Dhaka in another building, and we will have it tomorrow. PTL

What is there to say about the last 3 days?We

began with a 3 or  hours train ride in booked seats. It was to Braminbariah(?)  To the north and east of Dhaka. It was a challenge to find them and get settled. Then the hawkers selling food, drink and a mriad other things. OK till the first stop, then the isle filled up with people. They were in your face, in your side, but happily not in my hair (well what hair I have left). Wendy was by the window. The countryside was mainly rice growing but llots of brick kilns, large ponds, areas of trees…then a 20min walk through narrow streets to the school we were saying at over night.People,

more people and even more people. Endless streams of people. People walking – even in the middle of nowhere  alongside the road. People in small 3 wheeled taxis going from one town or village to another clogging the road bearly 4 metres wide. Then motor bikes with 2 or 3 people on them. Trucks taking up over half the road. And buses barrowling down the middle of the road as if they owned it to themsleves. Then lots of mini vans and cars like ours. 5 hours to travel 150kms. Then the broken down trucks – broken axels – also hogging the road. Then the medium sized villages where everone seemed to gather and do business, catch the bus, sit in the shops right on the roadside drinking whatever, and traffic clogged on the road, the edges, everwhere, and somehow our two mini vans got through unscathed – PTL. Someone has been praying for us on these roads – thank you!!

Thats just the people and the traffic, but the roads… apart from no cones we seemed at home on the pot-holed, dusty, badly formed roads that contributed to the slowness of travel… somewhere in the midst of the apparent chaos order happens. The drivers seem to know the road-code as applied to Bangladesh. And suddenly the :Red Sea: opens up and traffic moves again…

Then to Changpour to the east and south of Dhaka for the next two nights. Staying in the Baptist compound where the main house was built abot 100 yrs ago. It reminded me of our house in France i felt right at home!!! Where we stayed with some kiwis – home away from home. – peanut butter, toast, jam… Of course rice for lunch and tea – with chicken or fish, and a :mild: curry.

With the guys sleeping in one room and the ladies in another! But only due to llack of space.

Then today we had an early start to catch the ferry traveliing north to Dhaka – about four hours. It was a delightul journey on a medium sized ferry on a very wide river where the haze hid one bank from the other. There were ooooodles of boats – carrying sand, bricks, oil, wood – plodding slowly up the river, some so low in the water that the wash of our ferry semed to threaten to sink them!! While the empty ones riding high out of the water sped the other way looking for another load before slowy plodding up the river themsleves once again. An endless cycle of round trips. Then others were fishing and or using the crossriver ferries. It was a beautiful day…

In all our travels my biggest frustration has not been the endless hours of sitting in vehicles or trains or the ferry, bur rather my inability to read the signs that were on the buildings. They were in Bungla. Still I have enjoyed my self. Seeing scenes that one only saw in books or in travel documentaries. – lines of men with bags of stuff on their heads emptying a barge one sack at atime, or sand in a basket on their heads – one basket at a time, the wide river, men fishing, and lots more…

Enough.. as it is said :One Word is worth a thousand Pictures: or something like that.You have probably had enough of my rambollings for the night, so We bid you a blessed day this Tuesday when you read this.

Peace be with your spirit, even as it it with ours,

Peter & Wendy

Tomorrow we fly 20mins or so to KolKotta in India and begin our second week.


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