Wendys reflections

Yesterday we arrived in Babgladesh. It was 13km to our first visit at Dimentions andit took 2 hours Whata trip, Our first sight of Dhaka. People everywhere more than you can imagine and many times more men than women.

A lot of thetime it was a 3 lane road but we wereoften 5 vehicles accross. There was a 3 wheeled taxi with grills for doors – hundreds of them weaving between the cars. Everyone was trying to push into any space. At times we were stopped for ages and nothing moved.

What was difficult was the sellers who pounced on us as soon as the van stopped. Children selling books Lotsof people selling food and those that were begging. A mother and baby, a woman with a blind man and several crippled people alone or being carried. How to respond?

One area near us here someone ha become a christian 25 years ago and now there are 40 000 christians. Amazing, wonderful,

Today we saw avillage with, adifferent people group like gypsys heaps of children but no one goes to schools there is no school near. There is a job for a missionary.

Thats enough from me It feels like we have been here for ages but its only 2 days.

Ill write again tomorrow we catch the train to Bramanarra.



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