Tourist or attraction

Over the last two days we have been to a snake charmer village near dhaka and on a train to bramanbaria.

The purpose was to see the snakes and look at the landscape on the train. I suppose these could be called the tourist parts of our trip.

Rather than being the tourists however myself and others in the group became the attractions. We stuck out more than the snakes, crowds of people ran to look and talk to the “aliens”.

It is really quite humbling to realize just how strange i am to these people. It is like when someone famous comes to New Zealand. I have been the object of 1000s of stares plenty of photos incuding many selfies oh i did i mention the constant hand shakes and touching of my arms body and legs.

It is through experiences like these that i try to come to terms with something i was told recently. That when preparing for mission it is not about what you can give but rather what you can receive. I wonder whether going forward our church could grasp this concept not giving ourselves to the comunities but rather in a christ like way with open arms receiving the community all around us both locally and worldwide.

I wonder whether maybe it is easyer to give as the choice is ours but to be able to receive relies on others and faith. Hope these ramblings make sense.


3 thoughts on “Tourist or attraction

  1. Nice one Bradley! I have been amazed at the thoughts and reflections that the whole team is doing. You obviously have a bit of time inbetween trips to do some reflection which is great!

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