Friday mornin….

We are off on a train ride this morning. Be nice to be able to sleep till I have to wake up.

Yesterdaywe visited avillage after the normal long time in traffic – buses, mini-3 wheeled taxis, motorbikes, rickshaws pilled high with people and vegetables. And the unending press of people.

As I looked at the people several things stood out. By and large they seemed to be waring clean clothes. How do they keep themselves clean, but they do. Then the women, and we saw more of them , generally wore bright coloured garments. Most in saris or long tops down below the bottom with pants to the ankles, and very few with western style clothing.most has a scarf. A few in a burka. Yet the were all clean looking. I think I had expected to see dirty and worn/torn clothing but it was not the case-except if they were working peddling r ickshaw and the like.

Men worn the traditional skirt with different types of tops or long pants with shirgs and so on. One sees mostly men. Very few children, and those we saw were generally off to school in their uniforms.

Once off the main roads the streets became narrow, very dusty with shop fronts right on the street after a narrow ‘footpath’. The shops all seemed to be a standard sizs – 5 or 6 metres wide – with garage-type roller doors. Here the rickshaw held sway as transport. And the people…. lots of them… again they  were tidy and clean.  more children and they seemed healthy. I even saw some playing cricket!!!

In the village where we were able  to touch some snakes – cobras, grass snakes and the like, the young people would come ans speak English, standing right beside you, in you face- but not threateningly so. And the little chilren 20 or 30 of them. I suppose we were objects of curiousity. There lots of men around, generally in shops and in groups. So there were some women, but not too many, again dressed in lots  of different colours, all co-ordinated. The children with bright enquiring faces, wants to learn, but no school in this village.

So few, if any, Christians. Mostly muslims.

Well time to try to sleep some more before packing up, breakfast, a train ride and the next adventure.

Will there be internet conections????? If not try agian in a few days.

Blessing on you all, and thank you for your prayers on our behalf.

Shalom, Peter


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