Day 2 in Dhaka

This morning, our travel was much better as there was less traffic and less people were out on the street.  One thing we learn these last two days of Dhaka’s traffic is that there is no logical rules when it comes to traffic.  The traffic lights can be green or red, the traffic will still continue to move on.  It seemed to us that the person that can managed the traffic is the policeman at the intersection, waving a baton, stick or even on one instance, we noticed that he was using a screwdriver to wave traffic on.

We also noticed that when your public transport is packed to the brim, you will need to be creative to even travel on the roof of the bus (as seen in the picture here).


Today, our first stop was the Christian College of Theology Bangladesh (CCTB).  Along the way, we saw fresh fruits and vegetables being sold on the road side.

Street Markets

We were invited to morning tea with the staff and faculty.  After morning tea, we attended their morning devotion where our Assistant Pastor, Mike preached on Psalms 40.

After the devotion, we were invited to hand over the books that we have brought from Carey Baptist College to the Librarian.  Our Dr Mike Crudge was requested to do the honour.


We were also invited to stay on and have lunch with the faculty and staff.

The principal of CCTB  also presented their college’s vision and needs to us.  We spent some time in prayer for the college before we left.

Following the college’s visit, we did a detour to a village where we were shared a vision of the village’s desire to be able to cross the river and be reconciled with a different people’s group on the other side.  Here was also where we had the opportunity to see their local snake charmer at works with some snakes.

We spent the latter part of the afternoon visiting Bangladesh Baptist Christian Fellowship (BBCF).  Their General Secretary presented their 2020 vision to us and requested prayers for the following items.

1.  Support for training of their next generation’s leadership through studying the M Div program in the Philippines.

2.  Encourage trained teachers, nurses or even doctors from New Zealand to work in Bangladesh or even provide training to the local communities and profession.

3.  Encourage New Zealand’s churches to adopt a village and be involved in the growth of a local village and community.



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