What a start

After the first couple of days we have already seen and heard so many great story’s of redemption and triumph in the face of what at times to me seems enormous obstacles. What is made clear to me though is how much more can be done and how fortunate we are. I would like to challenge our church to look upon our history which has helped so many lives be transformed over the past 150 years even on the other side of the world as a challenge to see how much more we can do going forward. The scope for business for mission is huge and better yet it really works through providing education work accommodation in christ like ways lives are truly being redeemed and transformed. Therefore I challenge us to be smarter and think bigger what if we built a hub for stores selling market places clothes and coffee and other products and expanded to sell to stores all around new zealand and the world. Rich are getting rich through big multinational business. What if we really thought big and we’re able to be a game changer and allow the money to flow to those who actually work for it. I really do feel the scope exists to do some quite significant work within our church to grow the great work that is already happening in business for mission and take a leap of faith and be christ like and actively transforming lives. But hey I’m probably a little insane


2 thoughts on “What a start

  1. You are not insane by any mean. As someone once said, ‘Insanity is when you do the same thing over and over again and expect to get different results’. We need to look at doing things differently in order to achieve different outcomes.

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