We have finally arrived. What are the first impressions?

The city teams with people. People jamed into buses, some double-deckers, into vans, into motor bikk taxis, walking. Walking not just along the foot path, but on th road, crossing the road even in the midst of the traffic stream. People everywhere, shoulder to shoulder it seems.

20 million in the space of 560+ square kms.

Traffic that is in your face all the time. A 4-lane road with 5 or 6 lanes of traffic on it. Buses that are full to over flowing, yet repaird and scraped from end to end, needing to be pensioned off, but being recycled for the 4th, 6th, or 10th time. Changing lanes with horns blowing on your right, on your left, behind or infront. Traffic that creates jammes where you sit for 5 to 10 or even 20 mins as you move a car length or less. Then move through red lights, ot seek to inject yourself across those coming the other way so as to go down another street, also packed with cars and people. And t his was not peakhour raffic, it was 2.00pm!!!! Then the lack of women on the main streets, only men, or so it seemed.

Enough of that, maybe more another day.

We are well, and sleeping in aguest house. It is 12.42pm nz time, 5.43am here, it is hot and humid. I have had my QT, and beginning to thik about the day ahead.

Eyes to see, ears the hear, a heart/mind to understand what I see an expreience – this is my prayer. Not being overwhelmed but the mass of people, but rather to see the sheep without a shepherd, Matt 9:30+.

Maranatha, come Lorf Jesus!! Peace be with you.


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