Well we are about to fly out to Dhaka. Its verybusy in Bangkock. At 7.00 am the streets were full of scooters, taxis, minibuses and people walking. It was hot & humid. We have passed through customs, imigration and all and are nowin the departure lounge to flyout in about 1hrstime

Its morning tea with fish & noodles, sticky rice, barbaquepork, croisannts, water, tea and all sorts of other things

The airport here is VERY big,have to walk kilometres to get anywhere

Anthony seems to beholding up nicelyHow is ourlittle Biggles coping withoutWendy????


e team is all here now with Bradley & Pricilla joining us last night.

I did not sleep much but will look out in the days ahead.

Wendy is well, as all theteam.

We are looking foward to arriving in Dhaka.

Sorry aboutthe post, the keyboard seems to have a mind of its own



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